Serving since 2004, we are celebrating 17+ Years of Digital Service Trust. We mostly cater to a selected list of niche clients who are well-aware of the evolving digital world, understand it’s pros and cons. Main areas of business are web / mobile services & local data servers planning, consulting, commissioning, installation / maintenance. We build public servers / networks on secure platforms, equipped with custom made components, features and functionalities required to address users increasingly high-end computing needs and privacy concerns. Also offer Linux and BSD Tools, Open Source Software (OSS) advocacy, IT Merchandise, Digital Products, Custom Data Center Services and Gadgets.

We're now OSSPL

One-Stop-Solution Prime Linuxers (alias Solution Point) is a no hype one-stop digital solutions provider - becoming mark of Trust, Simplicity, Reliability, Speed and Security on World Wide Web - (re) crafting FOSS web / mobile technologies for worthy results.

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