Dec 30, 2016: We recognize the importance and benefits of communicating through ethical social media -powerful vehicles through which we may disseminate relevant news, listen to important voices and perceptions that come from this community and connect with other audiences online. All other popular media channels are not supported here, refer for more.

What are social media channels?

Any online space that allows you to share information, pictures, videos, audio podcasts, news, ideas etc.

Definition of Individuals: Individuals will and may include OSSPL employees, clients, patrons, partners, executives and individual participants that choose to converse on our social media channels, blogs, groups etc.

Social Media Guidelines

We encourage employees, customers and individuals to engage, comment, and participate with the company through the social media channels where OSSPL is present. OSSPL believes that social media interactions can help build stronger and successful relationships.The company has hereby set main points in form of official guidelines for participating on OSSPL’s social media channels.

Live the Values: Respect your audience. Do not use ethnic slurs, discriminatory remarks, personal insults, obscenity, or engage in any similar conduct and show consideration for others’ privacy. Individuals are prohibited from using derogatory, abusive languages, words while mentioning about OSSPL as a company, its products and services or its employees.

Be Authentic: Be aware of your association with OSSPL on online social network platforms. If you identify yourself as a OSSPL employee, ensure your profile and related content is consistent with how you wish to present yourself to colleagues, subscribers and partners as in the “real” world. Be Responsible: OSSPL employees are personally responsible for the content they publish online, whether in a blog, groups, social media pages or any other form of user-generated media. Remember that anything you publish will remain online for a long time. Think before posting something you might regret later.

Be Transparent: Always remember there is a huge difference in speaking “about” the company and “on behalf of” the company. Identify yourself by your name and, when relevant, your role at OSSPL, when you discuss OSSPL-related matters such as OSSPL products or services. If you publish content online about OSSPL ensure that you add a disclaimer that the views posted are your own and not representative of OSSPL.

Never Misuse: Respect company name, logos, trademarks and financial disclosure laws. Use SP logos or trademarks only if you have the authority to do so. For example:Individuals cannot use SP as their screen name or other on other social media ID and are prohibited from creating any pages, profiles, communities, groups etc on behalf of SP on any social media platforms and portals.

Always protect Confidential Information: Be careful not to reveal sensitive or confidential information about OSSPL business plans, performance, systems, subscribers, clients, employees,partners and suppliers. Do not cite or reference subscribers, customers, partners, suppliers on business-related matters without their approval.

We are watching & counter-watching: All content posted on OSSPL authorized social media pages and sites are reviewed, and those found offensive, unacceptable, repetitive, advertorial or not related to the subjects will be removed without any prior intimation to the posters and submitters. Add Value: You must provide worthwhile information and perspective. OSSPL’s brand is best represented by its patrons and what you publish may reflect on OSSPL’s brand.