Dear Customer:

Hope you are doing well. Last few years has been difficult and uncertain for many of us.

To counter resulting changes in banking / financing, trade mark misuse and general market scenario, we are on a path of re-branding and revamp. You will soon see some changes on our websites and billing systems. Our services and policies will remain intact and gain strength. None of this will affect your digital assets or dealings with us, be fully rest assured.

During 2018 downward trends and losses due to some bank frauds and extortion attempts, we were preparing and planning this revamp but the unfortunate pandemic / lockdowns / restrictions / our bankers lousiness has delayed all actions 2019 onwards.

We look forward to your more patronage, into future.

Support Team
One-Stop-Solution Prime Linuxers

NB: We are revamping and changing, but any residual mention of “Solution Point” pointing to our websites anywhere on Internet should also be read as OSSPL with immediate effect.